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What's New


We opened the Animal Wellness Center in August of 2001, with an open house to show off the place. It's all new, designed by our veterinarians and built from bare walls outward. We have a new computer system, new medical equipment, new kennel runs and cages, new exam rooms, new fixtures and even a nifty new floor that showcases tiles hand-painted by our friends and family.  

A lot of what you'd see in any top-notch veterinary clinic you'll also find at the Animal Wellness Center -- with a few notable exceptions.


One is our electro-acupuncture machine, which brings the centuries-old practice of these proven Chinese techniques up to date with the addition of electricity. In the traditional practice of acupuncture, an apprentice turns the needles after the master inserts them. With this modern machine, gentle, painless pulses of electricity do the job.

East meets West: Our acupunture machine.
Our acupuncture treatments were featured in an article in The Sacramento Bee: "On Pets and Needles."

The Animal Wellness Center is designed for the utmost comfort of our animal patients and their owners, and for the most efficient use of our space. Tucked into the corner of a new shopping center, it may not seem as if we have all that much room, but we've made the most of what we have, and we're very happy and proud of our design.



We have added the Bicom 2000

This is Tojo, he has had chronic skin problems for many years. Bicom has helped.

The Bicom 2000 computer uses an advanced form of biofeedback to first diagnose the cause of chronic disease, then applies Bioresonance Therapy to treat and clear the pathogen from the patient.

The Bicom 2000 can identify pathogens that cause damage to the patient due to harmful substances (viruses, bacteria, toxins, heavy metals, allergens, and other environmental poisons). These substances send out pathogenic vibrations that are detected by the Bicom 2000 which then creates an inverse electromagnetic wave that will neutralize their harmful effects.

For more information on Bicom Therapy go to the following links: